Raising the Level of Materials


The unique aspect of the work that I do is that there are few opportunities to reproduce any single item. Being a process of discovery, the furniture pieces can only be made into what the unique raw materials allow with regards to size, shape strength etc. Nevertheless, when there is an opportunity to create furniture items, this is what gives me pleasure and enjoyment at the artistic level.


With respect to the decorative pieces, they are even more subject to a creative influence. As abstract pieces of work, there are no rules as to the resulting finished work as they are meant to be only visually, mentally and emotionally stimulating and not to provide physical comfort or function.


Kevin P. Robinson

When I consider a new piece of work I like to begin by observing nature around me and determine what resources are available. Next I imagine and visualize a transformation and purpose for the materials that I have identified. Only then I proceed to alter and revitalize the materials into the vision or destiny that I imagined. Through this process, some pieces are abstract and others become utilitarian. Being a creative process and using random natural materials, every piece is one of a kind.



Not long ago I moved my studio, equipment and tools to Morretes-PR, Brazil. Here I find a tranquility and the inspiration that is often hard to capture in a more industrial or urban setting. My continuous interaction with nature breeds a resourcefulness and opens horizons that expand my expression.

Location: Morretes – PR

Visits by appointment.

Phone: +55 41 98825-7757 (Brazil) | +1 916-358-6162 (US)


Instagram: @kevinpaulrobinson

Correspondence: Mailbox 284 – Morretes – CEP: 83350-000